Those In-Between Days / by Seyi Adejori

Hello fabulous people!

Sometimes I am in-between with my outfits, which means not knowing what to wear, not liking anything in stores or anything I have and generally just being up-happy with clothes overall. When in doubt turn to the colour black. Black is a classic colour that looks amazing on everyone, it instantly makes a person look stylish and it's just chic. This post is an example of my in-between days and what you should do when you encounter one, because we all have those days.


Your girl is still on the blazer hype, I am not proud of how many blazers I have purchased in the last two months but of course I had to get a black one. This blazer is very much evening wear, it has black lapels and shoulder pads and would look amazing on it's own with some heels for a party or formal event. I paired it with black tailored trousers so I could emulate a suit as I do love co-ord  and lastly added some classic Vans and belt bag to dress the outfit down. The  belt bag  and trainers were a great idea to make the outfit look a bit informal, casual and comfortable.   


When you are having in-between days it is always good to be neutral! wear colours that go with everything such as blacks, denims, whites, creams and if you want to add a little bit more colour browns, greens and blues. Constantly looks for inspiration! we are lucky that we have Google and Instagram to help us out with this. Take a look at your favorite blogger, vlogger or instagram account you follow see what they are wearing and make it your own. Check out magazine websites, paparazzi shots and see what your style icons are rocking. Dress up! In-between days are the days where I cannot be bother to do anything so dressing up and putting that extra effort in is very important just to make yourself feel a little better. Eventually your in-between day, week or month will pass and you will be inspired again to rock that new outfit or to take another dip into your creative pond. I hope this tips were helpful.

What's your in-between outfit colour?

Stay smiling, Seyi x 


Blazer: &OtherStories  | T-shirt: Marks and Spencer (similar) | Trousers: Zara | Trainers: Vans | Earrings: