Badass in Co-Ord / by Seyi Adejori

Hello fabulous people!

Time to reach deep down into your closet and pull out that co-ord set! Everyone has at least one co-ord set and if not, an outfit that appears to be matching. Currently, I have found a new obsession and it is matching sets, tracksuits and anything puffa. This combination goes so well and makes me feel like the ultimate badass. In this post, I will be describing my outfit and how to feel like a badass, in other words how to feel at your best.

Let's start with how much I love this outfit, whenever I wear this I feel very comfortable but also as if I should be going skiing somewhere. I am still on my navy kick at the moment, so of course, my co-ord had to be this colour. It is coming to that time of the year when it is neither too hot or too cold to wear a jumper, so I am fully embracing spring knitwear. My beloved Champion Jumper is perfect for the weather because it's not thick. For Autumn, Winter and Spring it is vital to invest in a very thick warm jumper then a 'Spring' jumper, a jumper who's function is not to keep you warm. Check out Mango, they have a striped jumper that is very spring worthy. 


Then I paired this jumper with navy tracksuit bottoms, if you are looking for a tracksuit bottoms I recommend shopping in the mens section but also looking for bottoms that cuff at the ankle. This will accentuate your legs and hips, especially if you are a petite girl.  Just look at Kylie Jenner, she is known for wearing co-ord sets and tracksuits with cuff bottoms. It was only right to pair this outfit with some sort of puffa jack or coat, so I wore this COS black coat because it is an old favourite and has become a everyday piece due to the cold weather. 


Being badass is being confident in who you are, when you are confident and accepting of yourself it shows. We have all been around that person who is so comfortable in their own skin, that they extract a sort of secure energy and it is truly beautiful. I can not say I am one who has mastered this but dressing up in what I feel comfortable in always makes me feel like a badass. Here are some little rules I follow that may help when trying to be at your best.

When I find an outfit that screams confidence, it is one I am sure to wear more than once. Everyone has that outfit they feel amazing in, figure out which one is yours and then wear it non stop. Also taking time getting ready always adds to making me feel badass, having a nice long shower, taking time putting on makeup and having a boogie while getting dressed.  Another tip is to just be present,  whether it's bad or good. Everyone has bad days why not embrace that bad situation and take an element of light from it. Lastly, as Nike says  just do it! do that thing you have been thinking about, that you are too scared to do. It is empowering to accomplish a goal or dream you have been scared to tackle. There's no rush, if its something really big just takes your time, research and build up to it.  I thought I would add some being a badass at life tips too. 

Describe an outfit that makes you feel like a badass, let me know in the comments below. 

Stay smiling, Seyi x


Jumper: Urban Outfitters (similar) | Bottoms: Urban Outfitters (similar) | Shoes: Nike  | Coat: COS |  Round Necklace: Depop |  Cross Necklace: Slovenia.