Three White Stripes / by Seyi Adejori

Hello fabulous people.

I hope you all have had a great week. This post is my appreciation all about Adidas, the famous three white stripes. Adidas is a multinational corporation and a classic sports brand to most. I have vivid memories of girls and guys wearing full tracksuit belonging to Adidas, hanging on street corners laughing about what happened at school the other day. Adidas is not just a brand it is part of my childhood. Lets start with my velour Adidas tracksuit bottoms. I stumbled into Urban Outfitters and came across these trousers and instantly decided to combine the tracksuit bottoms with a tailored coat, sporty and tailored is a contrast that goes so well. When it comes to style I take inspiration from Phoebe Philio. She is a perfect example of tailored sportswear, being comfortable and looking immaculate at the same time. If I could describe my style in one look it will be the comfortable, sporty and tailored.


In the last few years, I have taken a-lot of risks when it comes to fabric, at the moment I am loving velour, silk and velvet. When you are passionate about something there can be moments when you get exhausted and a little bit disheartened. Fashion and writing  have always been true loves of mine and there has been many moments I find myself a bit lost. When it comes to getting out of a rut, I believe that change is essential in order to develop. I played around with different fabrics, this is when I discovered my love for velour. Velour reminds me of being at school with girls in pink juicy couture tracksuits, who constantly mimicked quoted from the movie Mean Girls. I am embarrassed to tell you I was one of them. So when it comes to getting out of ruts, I always try to look at the situation from a different angle. How can you love something in a different way, because there are many ways to love.

My shoes, oh my shoes. These are the infamous Maison Margiela, Tabi Boots. These boots take inspiration from 15th century Japanese culture, tabi refers to Japanese socks which has a separation between the big toe and other toes.  I have always been in love with these shoes and was so happy when I became an owner of a pair after months of it being sold out. It is very fitting that I also adore all types of Asian culture especially Japanese and alway have since a young age. These boots are subtly quirky and different, I  don’t think I can express how much I love them in one paragraph. I have already made a mental note of other colours I want.

Let me know what brand comes to mind when you think of your childhood? Leave a comment down below. 

Stay Smiling, Seyi x 


Coat: Topshop (similar)  / Bottoms: Adidas (similar) / Shoes: Maison Marigela/ Belt Bag: COS / T-shirt: ASOS / Earrings: Weekday