Connecting The Dots / by Seyi Adejori

Hello fabulous people.

I hope you have had a good week.  This week I have rediscovered the importance of accessories in the seasons of autumn and winter.  When stepping out in these seasons, I always want to be warm but stylish. A long, warm coat, a warm pair of boots and a jumper is key, but what about the accessories? The scarves, hats and jewellery. This is where the fun can be had. How you can show your style and express yourself. 

I’ve gone back to safety with this simple black blouse from &OtherStories. This blouse takes us back to the 40s, an era of the soft, floaty but fitted blouse. I am in love with vintage blouses and this one is no exception, it is extremely flattering. The ruching slighting under the bust adds a feminine touch with differentiates it from any other black blouse. The just love the look of the excess material at the end of the sleeves right by my wrists. I would say it holds me in the right places and enhances my silhouette. There’s always that one item that makes you feel more feminine, this is it for me. 


When I first set eyes on this Zara Scarf I instantly thought I must have this. I was scrolling through the website and it stood out. I was in need an accessory piece that keeps me warm and looks effortlessly stylish. Polka Dots are something that I believe can never go out of style, just like stripes. It is one of the basic patterns that I believe most people love and they look amazing on all shapes and sizes. At the moment it is everywhere, every high street store, blogger and some designer brands. It is simple but adds the right amount pattern to the outfit to make it stylish and on trend.


My Topshop Jeans and Nike Air Force 1's are going to be a recurring piece on my blog because they have been very good to me, they are officially family. The trainers and jeans add a sporty casual contrast with the blouse.  I have owned a few pair of jeans and some have been very uncomfortable, these jeans are the complete opposite. I think it is extremely important to own a pair of jeans that you can be 100% yourself in. The trainers are another love of mine, I have been wearing these shoes non stop for the past 6 months, surprising they are still clean. They contribute to the chunky, ugly trainer trend that seems to be on everyones list, we can thank Balenciaga for that, the trend is all the rage and I can't fault it. 

Try and add some funky accessories to your outfits this week. 

Stay Smiling, Seyi x 

Coat: Topshop (similar)  / Blouse: &OtherStories / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Nike / Earrings: ASOS / Scarf: Zara