Plain Simple Things / by Seyi Adejori

Hello fabulous people, but most importantly welcome.

Welcome to my blog,  I hope you are all doing well. I am overly excited to be posting my first blog post on my official blog after years of growth, procrastination and discouragement. This outfit embodies the plain and simple things. We all have something we love that simply describes us, for me, it is being comfortable.

Let's start from the top with The beloved Champion crew neck jumper, you can’t go wrong with a classic jumper. A jumper is the straightforward idea to keep as warm as possible. I picked the colour navy because it is a dark alternative to black. Black can be boring, navy adds a bit of colour but can still be effortless and classic. After the Christmas season of the constant wear of black, burgundy and bottle green it nice to interchange into different shades of navy, blues and whites. For a classic sporty crew jumper head to the men’s section in vintage stores, Urban Outfitters and ASOS. 


The COS belt bag. I have always been obsessed with belt bags. First of all, it is genius, you do not have to hold on to anything. Whenever I think of belt bags I think of sporty wear butterflies  this bag is an alternative to a something sporty. This belt bag has a classic, clean cut look to it so this means you can pair it with a suit or tailored trousers, and it will still look well put together. I think of CÉLINE  when I look at this belt bag, it embodies the sharp, sporty yet effortless look that fits well with the modern minimalistic woman.  


The White Nike Air Force 1 and Weekday Asteroid Earrings. You can't go wrong with the classic Nike Air Force 1, these trainers have been around and loved for years and I understand exactly why. They are super comfortable, very snug and slip on very easily. I would definitely say they are chunky shoes, but just take a look at Yeezy, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga. They celebrate the chunky, ugly trainer and so they should. I would advise trying a size smaller than your average size as they do pack a lot of room. Finally guys, I have always loved statement earrings but ever since the 80s trend has crept from the catwalk into the high street it has made my love grow fonder. Just take a look at CÉLINE and Chanel. They have been loving the gold statement earrings for decades. The earrings are from Weekday, they are textured which adds a unique look to a classic bold accessories. 

Stay Smiling, Seyi x


Coat: Topshop (similar)  / Jumper: Urban Outfitters (similar) / Jeans: Topshop / Bag: COS / Shoes: Nike / Earrings: Weekday