Alone in Slovenia by Seyi Adejori

Hello fabulous people. 

I did something I have only dreamt about, I travelled alone to the beautiful country, Slovenia. Travelling to Slovenia was my first ever solo trip and it was incredibly enlightening and relaxing, I recommend everyone should at least solo travel once. When it comes to solo travelling it can be a subject which is intriguing to many as it is not seen as a ‘normal' thing to do. In a future post I will highlight the process I went through before taking the big step to travel alone.

Slovenia is a tiny country in the heart of central Europe and is mostly known for it's mountains, lakes and ski resorts. It is right in between Austria, Croatia, Italy and Hungary. It has a small population so never seems too overcrowded. Which was amazing for my first solo trip because it made me feel relaxed, sometimes overcrowding can be overwhelming. Slovenia was so easy to travel around because the country is so small, you can go most places by coach, taxi or bus and everything is at an affordable price. I stayed at Austria Trend Hotel in Ljubljana.  I travelled around mostly by coach, which was so comfortable, I booked a lot of excursions with Expedia so I was picked up and dropped off at my hotel. 

While in Slovenia, I visited Lake Bled, the capital city Ljubljana, Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle. All places were absolutely stunning but Lake Bled has to take the cake for tranquillity and breathtaking views.


Lake Bled 

Bled is a small island that sits in the middle of the lake, you can hire a rowing boat to get to the island. It takes about twenty minutes to get there and also takes the same amount of minutes to walk around the whole Island. The Island is known for being compared to a Disney fantasy. It resembles almost every Disney film, it is truly romantic and is a destination where many get married. Bled is so beautiful, I remember when I first set eyes on the Island it was truly breathtaking! Every seven to ten years in the winter, the lake freezes over and the water turns to solid ice. So visitors are able to walk on the water all the way to the island. It would've been so amazing to experience that but unfortunately, it wasn't cold enough.



The city which is quite difficult to pronounce, I am going to attempt to help with that, L-you-bl-y-anna! attempt to say that a few times and you've got it.  The capital city of Slovenia is full of pastel coloured buildings, three bridges that cover the river and the view of the mountains in the distance. The triple dragon bridge connects Ljubljana medieval, historical and the modern city. It is beautiful to see the culture and contrast of the city. The bridges are referred to the Dragon bridges because there is a dragon at each end of the bridge, to slovenians it symbolises courage and power and has become the city's emblem. 


Postojna Cave

Postonjna Cave is one of the most accesible caves near south west Slovenia. It was an experience that I've never had before. It was quite cold, wet and everywhere I looked I was surronded by layers of white cream-ish crystallised stone. They were so beautiful and different I had to purchase one from the gift store. Postonjna Cave was very busy at the time. It is known to be a very popular tourist destination so that is something to be aware of. The Cave is enormous! it is around twenty four metres which is insanely big! What is even more interesting is that only five kilometres is considered safe to open for the public to see. 

Slovenia was so beautiful and I am glad to say it was the first place I decided to pick for my first solo travel. If you love history, culture and relaxation, Slovenia is a place you should consider. 

I would love to hear about the last trip you took abroad, let me know in the comments below. 

Stay smiling, Seyi x 

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