The Summer Accessory by Seyi Adejori

Guys, I went on somewhat of a hiatus in the last couple of months, but now I’m back! I appreciate all the people who are still reading my blog (if there’s any of you out there). In the past couple of months, the weather has reached an all-time high. For as long as I’ve been in the UK it has never been this hot!  I have spent most of my time in the park, which currently looks like a desert because all of the  green grass has turned a dry sandy yellow. Currently, I am having a love and hate relationship with the heat but overall my love trumps the hot disadvantages. 

With every summer comes a new go-to accessory, for me it is my plastic beaded bag. I take it everywhere! It is small so this ensures I only pack my necessities and it is really cute! A downside is that is heavy and slightly fragile, it is not a piece you can wear every day and oh how I would like to wear this every day.  


Bag: Mango

Gold Statement Earrings by Seyi Adejori

Hello fabulous people.

Hope you have all had an amazing couple of  weeks. In this post I will be focusing on my favourite gold statement earrings  I am loving at the moment. Gold statement earrings are very much in style at the moment and I wanted to share my favourite pieces and where you can get your hands on them. 

Recently it has been bitterly cold in the UK, only just a couple of weeks ago it was constantly snowing. When it snows in London it makes me so happy, it looks so majestic and beautiful. I appreciate snow now and again but this cannot be said for London as a whole, it's mandatory to have delays on transport or some school to be closed for the day, us Londoners can not handle it. It is refreshing to know the UK will soon be hit with warmer weeks, I do appreciate the snow but summer months means I no longer have to wear a beanie, scarf, overly padded coat and walk around looking like Baymax from Big Hero 6.

With the sun comes exposed earlobes and with exposed earlobes comes earrings, specifically gold statement earrings, which are one of the things I am loving right now. If you look in many magazines, or at fashion advertisements or fashion icons you will see a most of them are sporting gold bold earrings and rightfully so, they are gorgeous, they add a feminine touch and can make the plainest outfit look so chic.

IMG_1704 2.jpg
IMG_1685 2.jpg

If you are looking for statement earrings I do advise you check out Mango, lately they have upped their game when it comes to their stock, styling and merchandising. I am loving everything about them lately! 

What accessory pieces are you loving? Leave a comment down below letting me know. 

Stay Smiling, Seyi x 

Earrings: Mango  / Necklace: Depop/ Perfume: Chanel/ Mascara: Lancôme